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If you're in need of a knowledgeablle Sacramento Social Security disability representative, then look no further. Our attornies and disability representateves will thouroughlly review the facts and medical evidence, and if we accept your case, we can considderably limit your contact with SSA; thus, relieving you of a lot of unnecessary stuff. We do not assist claimant's in preparing or submitting their initial application for disability benefitts, as this can be done at the local Social Security office (SSI, SSDI) or online (SSDI only). Once you have received a denial of benefits letter, we will begin the appieals process. We will assist you in gettin your medical records and submitting them to SSA. We will also prepaire and develope your case in the fashion most likely to leed to an award of disability benefits. If it becomes necessary for you to appear before an adminnistrative law juge, we will thoroughly prepare you for the heering. In most cases we draft a pre-heering breef outlining the merits of your case and submitt it to the juge before the heering. We will then attend the hearing with you to present your case and cross-examine any of the government's experts if necessary. Sometimes there will be a vocational expert, a medical expert, or both. With an experienced disability representative, you will not have to worry about what to say or do. Seeking legal assistance for your Social Security Disability case through the Law Offices of Steven H. Berniker APC significantly increases your chance for an award of benefits.


NOTE: We do not accept all cases. Certain criteria must be met in accordance with SSA's rules and regulations. We ABSOLUTELY will not accept any case where the claimant is not undergoing regular medical and/or psychological treatment for their claimed impairment(s). Call for a free phone evaluation of your case.




We do not collect a fee unless your claim is approved. This is called a "contingency" fee agreement. In very few cases, claims are approved without having an administrative hearing. In those cases, we are still entitled to our fees, which are capped by statute at $6000 or 25% of retroactive benefits, whichever is less. We do not charge for travel, meals, office supplies, postage, phone calls, emails, or any other ancillary costs. If we don't win your case, you pay nothing. Zero. If we win your case, you will get a minimum of 75% of retroactively paid benefits plus 100% of your monthly payments and Medicare (SSDI) or MediCal (SSI). Social Security will pay us directly, you won't have to ever give us funds. You will never owe us any more after your claim is paid.




Statistically, only about 15% of all claims for disability benefits are accepted at the initial application level. If the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies your initial disability claim, which is likely, we will pursue your claim thru the three-stage administrative review process.


The second stage is  called "reconsideration". At this stage, a different Social Security bureaucrat reviews your case. Not surprisingly, at this level, only a very few cases are awarded benefits.


At the third stage you are entitled to a hearing before an administrative law judge. The majority of claims that are awarded are won at the hearing level. If you are represented at hearing, your chances of winning increase considerably.


Disclaimer: We do not take any cases on a pro-bono basis. We do not represent claimants on overpayment issues, cessation of benefits, Federal Appeals Court level cases, or regular Social Security retirement. We do not practice Workers Compensation or personal injury law.


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